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TITANPush's privacy policy, Version 1.0, Effective from November 1, 2019.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) applies to the use of the website published at the URL and / or and / or (hereinafter, the “Sites”) provided by TITANPush, whose main function is to provide an omnichannel service with functions such as, for example, but not limited to, the sending of web push notifications, pop-ups on the site, banners, chat, linkpage, history message centers and more viewed to visitors of the websites of TITANPush customers (hereinafter, the "Visitors") and because of them, proceed to analyze the behavior of Visitors as requested by the TITANPush User by virtue of the provision of their own services (hereinafter, the "Service" and / or the "Services"). If necessary, TITANPush may complement the Privacy Policy with specific information and / or terms and conditions regarding the Service.

The mere access to the Site attributes the condition of TITANPush user (hereinafter the “User” or the “Users”) and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the clauses of the Privacy Policy in the published version by TITANPush at the moment the User accesses the Site or uses its Service. Consequently, the Privacy Policy will constitute a valid and mandatory agreement between the User and TITANPush in relation to privacy.

1. Your privacy is important to us!

TITANPush, s a company that operates under the laws of the Republic of Argentina and the Federative Republic of Brazil and respects your privacy by complying with the applicable privacy and data protection laws.

By virtue of the foregoing, this Privacy Policy details in different chapters the measures, circumstances and contacts to be taken into account with respect to the territory in which the User is. In this regard, we detail below the different chapters for each applicable territory:

  1. Chapter 1: Privacy Policy in accordance with the legislation of the Argentine Republic;
  2. Chapter 2: Privacy Policy in accordance with the legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil;

The User understands and accepts that this Privacy Policy governs solely and exclusively in relation to the Services provided by TITANPush, so in this regard, the User understands that those activities carried out through their own websites must be informed and regulated by those under their own means.

The mere access to the Site attributes the condition of TITANPush User and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the clauses of the Privacy Policy in the version published byTITANPush at the moment the User accesses any of the Sites or use your Service. Consequently, the Privacy Policy will constitute a valid and mandatory agreement between the User and TITANPush in relation to privacy. Likewise, the use of the Service expresses the full and unreserved acceptance by the User of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”) published by TITANPush at Terms and conditions, which are complemented by the Privacy Policy.

TITANPush may modify the Privacy Policy at any time. New versions of the Privacy Policy will be notified by publication of said new version at Privacy policy and notified by email and / or through the Site.

The User accepts that he will be notified of any modification to the Privacy Policy once TITANPush had published them in Privacy policy, and that the continuation of the User in the use of the Service once said new version is published will be considered as acceptance of said modifications to the Privacy Policy. Consequently, the User agrees to check Privacy policy periodically.

For TITANPush the privacy of personal data is very important.

If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please write to​

2. Information collected by TITANPush

2.1. By registering with TITANPush, TITANPush may request to store your personal data such as for example but without limiting:

  • Name and surname.
  • Personal email.
  • Website (domino) owned by the User.

2.2. Regarding users browsing third-party sites that use the TITANPush script:

  • Navigation data (only on sites with the script entered): date, URL, title and content of the page, product data, browser language, time.

2.3. Web notifications and tracking information: endpoint and keys necessary for sending notifications (they do not allow a personal identification of a user and / or User) and tracking information (date) of view, click and close of each notification sent.

TITANPush offers its Users to send anonymized information of their own users, in order to distinguish their commercial trends.

2.4. TITANPush requires that all the information sent by our clients as well as the web pages of their site do not allow to identify personally a user and / or owner of personal data. Otherwise, the User must inform TITANPush beforehand in order to take the corresponding precautionary measures.

2.5. Users agree that TITANPush may collect information about its users using cookies, tags and other methods. For more information please enter the Cookies Policy.

2.6. Likewise, TITANPush may collect and / or store the number or IP address (Internet Protocol) and / or browser ID of Users and / or Visitors in order to improve the quality of the Service.

The IP (Internet Protocol) number or address is a numerical identification that distinguishes the connection port. The browser ID number (Identification) is a unique alphanumeric combination that allows you to identify an electronic device (be it a computer, a personal telephone with access to networks, a tablet, a PDA, etc.) that connects to a computer network (for example Internet).

2.7. TITANPush may collect personal data of the User and / or Visitors for the purpose of performing segmentation by "browsing behavior" and for the purpose of performing statistics. The data collected is anonymous and does not present identification of the Users and / or Visitors.

3. How TITANPush uses personal data

3.1. TITANPush may process the personal data of Users for the following purposes (one or more purposes may be applied simultaneously)

  1. Pto help the User to efficiently access their information after logging in and providing personalized content and information;
  2. to develop and manage the Sites, the Service and additional services such as but not limited to customer service, sales and marketing.
  3. improve the quality of the Service provided through the Site. The storage by TITANPush of the ID number of the User's devices allows identification at the time of access to their individual accounts when they have been contracted to TITANPush. It also facilitates the diagnosis of any connection problems that may exist on the Sites, improving the quality of the Service.
  4. Offer the User a personalized Service, which suits their needs to provide the best possible experience.
  5. Manage any type of query that the User may carry out through our contact forms located on the Sites or through our corporate email addresses.
  6. Send you, through traditional media, email, or social networks, our newsletters and circulars about TITANPush news, services and events.
  7. Perform statistical analyzes and market studies that allow us to improve the Services.

3.2. TITANPush will use and store the information provided by the Users and collected by TITANPush in order to provide the Service and its improvements to the Users, trying to adjust to their needs, for the deadlines determined in each of the chapters mentioned in the Clause 1.

3.3. TITANPush will use the information provided by Users and / or Visitors and collected by TITANPush in order to analyze it and provide Users with relevant data to improve the Service and so that they themselves can improve their service. Under that purpose, TITANPush may send its Users notifications, news and news ofinterest, in addition to those that have the nature of institutional or legal notifications.

3.4. TITANPush will use the information provided by Users and that collected by TITANPush to analyze the behaviors and behaviors of Users and Visitors as such, on its Site and on the Site or platform of Users, such as their geographical locations, their sessions of use, permanence in any of the Sites and / or on the site or platform of the Users, frequency of use, for the purpose of trying to improve their Service which includes offering the User the improvement of their own service and trying to provide them with better Solutions to your needs.

3.5. TITANPush may share the information with other service companies or internet sites or similar for the purpose of improving the quality of the TITANPush Service. Generally such companies or websites have their own data privacy policies for the purposes of their protection. In any case, TITANPush will endeavor to ensure that the privacy of the information shared is protected in the best possible way. In the cases that apply, TITANPush will attempt to sign express agreements regarding data protection and information privacy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, TITANPush will not be liable for damages caused by such companies and / or internet sites as regards their duty of protection, confidentiality and privacy of the data they handle.

3.6. TITANPush will use the information provided by the Users and that collected by TITANPush if requested by courts, national or international state agencies that so require and request it in the corresponding form.

3.7. TITANPush does not sell, rent, rent or disclose Users' personal data to third parties except under the different assumptions set forth below:

  1. in case of obtaining the User's consent to do so;
  2. in case you are required by law to disclose your personal data to certain authorities or other third parties, for example, to law enforcement agencies in the countries in which TITANPush operates. Likewise, we may disclose and process the personal data of the Users in accordance with the applicable law to defend the legitimate interests of TITANPush, for example, in civil or criminal legal proceedings.
  3. in case TITANPush decides to sell, buy, merge or reorganize its corporate structure in certain countries. This may imply that the personal data of the Users is disclosed to potential or current buyers and their advisors. By using any of the Sites, the User acknowledges that such transfers may occur, and that any TITANPush acquirer may continue to use their personal information as set forth in this policy.

In any previous case, through the consent of this Privacy Policy, the User consents to share their personal data in this regard./p>

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. The User, by virtue of the Service contracted, grants TITANPush express authorization to carry out the processing of the personal data of the Visitors. For this purpose, the User must inform the Visitors about it and obtain their conformities and respond to TITANPush in case of non-compliance. The mentioned personal data must be treated by TITANPush according to the purposes for which they were provided by the User and in accordance with those procedures and provisions informed through this.

4.2. TITANPush recommends Users to carry out their own Privacy Policies and proceed to realize the right of information provided by the applicable laws in said matter.

4.3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User understands and accepts that all personal data processed by TITANPush will be treated under a dissociated form and as a result, the User understands and accepts that any personal data that is subjected to a dissociation treatment does not will be considered personal data for the purposes of the applicable laws in Chapter I and II of the present (hereinafter, the "Anonymized Data").

5. Assignment

5.1. Users understand and accept that when using the Platform and for the purpose of providing the Service they must transfer the personal data of the Visitors who use their own platforms. By virtue of this, the Users understand and accept that they must inform the Visitors about the purpose of the assignment and identify TITANPush as the assignee or offer those elements that identify it. Likewise, the User, if necessary in accordance with the applicable legislation, must obtain the prior consent of the owner of the data to transfer his personal data and use the TITANPush Services. When using the Service, the User will be fully responsible for informing the transfer to TITANPush and the purpose of using the personal data of the Visitors and to act in accordance with the applicable legislation. Without prejudice to the provisions, the User understands and accepts that the personal data of the Visitors will be treated as indicated in Clause 4.3.

5.2. In the event that the User uses TITANPush, as defined in the TITANPush Terms and Conditions Terms and conditions, TITANPush may assign, sell, rent and negotiate the Anonymized Data of the User and / or Visitors. This will be done especially in regard to the data used for the purposes of segmentation by "navigation behavior." In this sense, the User must inform visitors about his website and / or platform about this and obtain his express consent for it.

5.3. Any person who has provided personal contact information through the Site may send an email to in order to update, delete and / or correct their personal contact information. TITANPush will respond to said request within 30 (thirty) days after receiving it via email.

6. Children's privacy

6.1. Although the Site and / or Service are not aimed at minors, in the event that any minor has access to them, their use must be supervised by parents, guardians or legal guardians. The Site and / or Service are allowed only for those who have legal age to contract and are not legally inhibited or in any way prohibited from exercising legal acts, rights and / or obligations. In view of this, those under 18 are not allowed to enter the Site and / or Service, nor provide any Data or any other information.

6.2. Likewise, since minors may not be able to properly understand the Privacy Policy and its implications, nor validly decide on the options available through its Services, TITANPush urges all parents or representatives, guardians or adults under whose supervision are the minors who access the TITANPush Service, to participate actively and carefully in the activities that the minor performs on the internet or through the Site, to the online Service that these minors use, to the information they access, either when these minors visit the TITANPush Site or any other third-party site, to teach them and guide them on how to protect their own personal information while they are browsing the internet.

7. Confidentiality and information security

7.1. TITANPush has adopted reasonable security measures to protect Users' information and prevent unauthorized access to their data or any unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction thereof. The information collected by TITANPush will be kept strictly confidential. Access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors, operators, and representatives of TITANPush who need to know such data to perform their functions and develop or improve our Service. TITANPush requires its suppliers the same standards of confidentiality. TITANPush does not allow access to this information to third parties outside TITANPush, except for an express request from the User.

7.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, considering that the Internet is an open system, publicly accessible, TITANPush cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot eventually overcome the security measures and use the information of Users improperly.

8. Changes in the corporate structure.

TITANPush reserves the right to transfer the information collected in case of sale or merger of TITANPush, or of an acquisition of the main assets of TITANPush, or any other kind of transfer of TITANPush to another entity. In that case, TITANPush must take reasonable measures to ensure that such information is used in a manner consistent with the Privacy Policy.

9. Quality of personal data

9.1. TITANPush takes reasonable measures to maintain the personal data that we have accurate and to eliminate incorrect or unnecessary personal data.

9.2. We recommend that you access your personal data through your account from time to time to ensure that they are updated.

10. Information on the use of cookies

10.1. Cookies are pieces of text that can be sent and saved by your web browser when you access our website; Your web browser stores these cookies in a manner associated with each website you visit; You can view your cookies through your browser settings.

10.2. We use cookies to allow our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you use our services. Our cookies, by themselves, do not contain personally identifiable information, and we do not combine the general information collected through cookies with other information of this type to tell us who you are. However, we use cookies to identify that you are logged in and that your web browser has accessed aspects of our services, and we can associate that information with your account, if you have one. This information, in turn, is sometimes used to personalize your service experiences.

10.3. The Site may use cookies to register User patterns, most web browsers have an option to disable the cookie function, which will prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, as well as (depending on the sophistication of your web browser), which will allow you to decide if you accept each new cookie in a variety ofways. Please note that this Privacy Policy covers the use of TITANPush cookies only and does not cover the use of cookies by third parties. For more information, review the TITANPush Cookies Policy.

11. What are your rights?

11.1. The User has the right to know what personal data we have collected. You have the right to delete or update incomplete, incorrect, unnecessary or obsolete personal data. You have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes or for other compelling legal reasons.

11.2. TITANPush will try, by all means at its disposal, to provide Users on which it has collected or stored personal information, access to its Data (​Right of Access), as well as the rectification, modification or update thereof. (​Right of Rectification)​ , or even the cancellation of said personal data (​Right of Removal), unless TITANPush can deny such requests (hereinafter, the Requests), if it is obliged or has right to keep said data in accordance with the applicable legislation.

  1. For these purposes, the User must send his Request by sending an email with the subject “Access to Personal Data” to indicating his full name, right that he wishes to exercise and attaching a copy of his identity document.
  2. TITANPush may reject the processing of Requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, that require a disproportionate technical effort, that endanger the privacy of other Users, or that are considered impractical, or for which it is not necessary to access the Data.
  3. The service of access, rectification and removal of data will be provided by TITANPush free of charge, except in case it requires a disproportionate or unreasonable effort, in which case an administration fee may be charged.

11.3. Requests to delete Personal Data will be subject to any legal and ethical obligation in force to inform or complete documents or document retention obligations that are imposed on us.

11.4. In the event that the User considers that their rights are violated under the laws of protection of personal data in force, the User will have the power to exercise the right of access, portability, rectification or removal to them free of charge to the authority applicable according to the country where the User is.

Without prejudice to the aforementioned and TITANPush's willingness to provide the necessary means for the holders of personal data to exercise the rights mentioned above and / or in Chapter 1 and 2 of this Privacy Policy, the User undertakes and guarantees through the present that will comply with the applicable laws in the matter and will offer all the necessary means so that the Visitors proceed to exercise the rights that they possess in their capacity as holders of personal data.

12. Transfer of personal data

Only to comply with the purposes established in this Privacy Policy and for the purpose of providing the Service, TITANPush may disclose Personal Data and / or personal information, when necessary, to the authorities, TITANPush partners and other third parties, such as third parties service providers used in connection with the Service.

13. Other places

The TITANPush Site may contain links to other websites that are not owned by TITANPush. Consequently, TITANPush will not be liable for the actions of said internet sites, to which this Privacy Policy will not apply. We recommend examining the detailed privacy policy on those websites to understand the procedures for collecting information they use and how they protect your personal data.

14. Exceptions

Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary in the Privacy Policy, TITANPush may disclose certain personal information of Users, when it believes in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to:

  1. avoid legal liability;
  2. comply with a legal requirement, such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order;
  3. meet a requirement of a government or regulatory authority;
  4. protect the rights, property or security of TITANPush, Users, or a third party.

15. How to contact TITANPush

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, contact TITANPush at:

16. Changes to our privacy policy

TITANPush may modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time; Users are urged to review it periodically. In the event that the modifications are substantial in relation to the treatment of the Data collected by virtue of the use of the Services, they will be notified by publishing a prominent notice on the Site and / or by sending an email to the address declared by the User. Your continued use of this site or the services of TITANPush after any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of these changes.

Chapter 1: Privacy Policy according to legislation of the Argentine Republic.

Without prejudice to the provisions set forth above and taking into account the specifications required by the Argentine legislation on the protection of personal data, we proceed to detail some points below:

  1. Retention of personal data on the Site

TITANPush will use and store the information provided by the Users and collected by TITANPush in order to provide the Service and its improvements to the Users, trying to adjust to their needs, for the maximum period established by Law 25.326.

Said legislation establishes that the term of processing of personal data corresponds to the purpose of processing them. Once the purpose of processing and / or the object of contracting between the Parties is finished, the personal data of the Users will be deleted from the TITANPush servers.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, TITANPush may keep your personal data in the event allowed by law and / or by request of a judicial authority.

  1. User Rights

In accordance with Law No. 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data, Users have the right to exercise their right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless it accredits a legitimate interest for the purpose as established in article 14, subsection 3 of law 25.326. It may also exercise the rights of rectification and deletion.

Likewise, Users may exercise the rights provided in Clause 11 of the Privacy Policy through the internal process defined in it as well as we inform them that the PUBLIC INFORMATION AGENCY, Control Body of Law No. 25,326, It has the authority to respond to complaints and claims that are filed in relation to breach of the rules on protection of personal data.

To contact the Public Information Access Agency:

  • Av. Pte. Julio A. Roca 710, 2nd Floor - City of Buenos Aires,

  • + 5411-2821-0047

  1. International transfer of personal data

In some cases, such as the Argentine Republic, personal information may be transferred outside the country to countries with the same or better levels of protection. In the event that personal information is transferred to countries with lower levels of protection, TITANPush will make those transfers subject to appropriate safeguards and security measures, such as the standard data protection clauses adopted in the respective agreements or approved by the authority applicable legal.

Chapter 2: Privacy Policy according to legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

  1. Conservation of Personal Data

The personal data of the Users and the users of the Users will be deleted once their processing is finished, within the scope and technical limits of the activities. TITANPush will only keep them for the following purposes:

  1. - compliance with legal or regulatory obligations;
  2. - transfer to third parties
  3. - the exclusive use of anonymous data.
  1. User Rights

With regard to Users who are citizens of the Federative Republic of Brazil, they may exercise the following rights against TITANPush:

Access. You have the right to access your information to know what specific personal data we are treating..

Rectification. You have the right to rectify those inaccurate personal data that we were treating..

Suppression. You have the right to request the deletion of personal data that you do not want us to continue processing.

Opposition. In certain circumstances, and for reasons related to your particular situation, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.

Limitation of treatment.. You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your data to those specific purposes that you wa

Portability.. You have the right to receive those personal data that you would have provided us, in a structured format, for common use and mechanical reading, and to be transmitted to another person responsible for the treatment other than TITANPush.

To exercise any of them, you must send a written communication to TITANPush, as detailed in Clause 11 of the Privacy Policy. Likewise, if the User considers it appropriate, they can also file a complaint with the corresponding Control Authority. In the case of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Users may exercise the aforementioned rights before the NATIONAL DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY (ANDP), once they are in the exercise of their functions, who will have the authority to respond to complaints and claims that are filed in relation to breach of the rules on personal data protection

  1. International transfer of personal data

In some cases, personal information may be transferred outside the country to countries with the same or better levels of protection. In the event that personal information is transferred to countries with lower levels of protection, TITANPush will make those transfers subject to appropriate safeguards and security measures, such as the standard data protection clauses adopted in the respective agreements or approved by the authority applicable legal The minimum requirements, conditions and guarantees for the transfer that comply with the rights, guarantees and principles of this Law will be considered. Likewise, the contractual clauses, documents or global corporate standards may be submitted for approval by the national authority.


To improve the User experience on the Site (as defined in the Privacy Policy) TITANPush S.A.S. (hereinafter, " TITANPush") uses "cookies". To make full use of the functions and services that TITANPush offers on the Site, the User must accept cookies, since we can only provide certain characteristics to the User in case he accepts our use of cookies as described in this Policy Cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed and downloaded in the browser of the User's computer used to store information to recognize the User, remember User preferences and provide a more secure online experience.

In general, cookies are very useful and are a common method used by almost all websites to help make the User's online experience as efficient as possible. For security reasons, many websites may not work at all without the use of cookies (or other similar technologies, such as "web beacons" or "tags").

Generally, cookies do not contain information to identify a particular person, but are used to identify a browser on an individual machine. Cookies, by themselves, do not allow us to know the User's email address or other personal information unless the User chooses to provide us with this information. Once the User chooses to provide personal information to a website, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie.

Cookies can be called session or persistent cookies, depending on how long they are used:

  • Session cookies only last for the User's online session and disappear from their computer or device when Users close their browser.
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What type of cookies does TITANPush use?

Cookies needed

These cookies are essential to help the User to use the functions and services that TITANPush offers on its Site. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide the Service. These cookies do not collect any information that can be used to identify the User.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow the user to have a better online experience. They do not collect or store any information that allows us to identify the User.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies help us understand how Users use the Site so that we can keep our products and services relevant, easy to use and updated.

Sometimes, we use technologies similar to cookies, known as "web beacons". Those are anonymous and, as they are only used for statistical purposes, do not contain or collect any information that identifies the User.

Security cookies

A secure cookie is only sent to the server with an encrypted request on the HTTPS protocol. To prevent scripting attacks between sites, cookies are only sent to the server.

Third party cookies

Cookies have a domain associated with them. In the event that the domain is the same as that of the Site where the User is located, those cookies are called direct. In the case where the domain is different, the cookie comes from a third party. Although own cookies are sent only to the server that configures them, a web page may contain images or other components stored on servers in other domains (such as advertising banners). The cookies that are sent through these third-party components are called third-party cookies and are mainly used for advertising and tracking on the Site. TITANPush can act through third-party cookies on Users' websites.

Likewise, the Site may obtain third-party cookies as a result of contracts and / or services used by said third parties. The User understands and accepts that TITANPush does not have any type of control and / or possibility of modification over them.

What cookies does TITANPush use on this Site?

To make full use of the functions and services we offer in TITANPush, the User must accept cookies, since we can only provide certain features of this Site in said case. Although we only configure certain direct cookies, we also use some services thatset their own cookies. We believe it is important to be clear about the cookies that are being set, and why, so we have provided the tables below to explain this to the User. The User will not necessarily see all the cookies referred to below stored on the User's device after visiting our Site.

Although we audit the types of cookies used on our Site, it is possible that the services we use may make changes to their names and purposes of cookies.

In accordance with the provisions, TITANPush may use some of the following cookies:

Name Purpose
sdtp cache of information about opt ​ in and when to display it
sdtpc cache indicator active/inactive information on opt in
sddh information cache on the opt in html configured by the client, if applicable
cwdcc subscription status webhooks information cache, if applicable
cwdscc webhooks active/inactive cache indicator
cus cache of active / inactive subscription of the current user
TPIDC Cookie of the internal identifier of the user
wpnViewcount Number of page views indicator
wpnLastDenial Date (in timestamp format) of the last time the user clicked on ‘no’ within the opt in
minPageViewsToShow Customer configuration cache with the minimum number of pages that the user must see before displaying the opt in
_wpnDestga Indicator of whether the data was already sent to the server for the user or not
_wpn_cotpc Indicator of whether chat widget cache data is set
_wpn_cotp Chat widget cache data
_wpn_ard Indicator of the amount of retries needed to get current user subscription data
_wpn_sdcachetp Cache for site speed A/B testing
_wpn_sdcachetpcontrol_v2 Indicator of whether cache data is set for site speed testing
*us Indicator of banners/popups already seen be the user. Contains a numeric prefix and ends with "us"
_wpn_eatouser Pseudo random assigment for the current user to perform A/B testing
_wpnlvusw Indicator of whether the current user has already seen the last visit feature
_csrf-frontend CSRF prevention cookie
_identity-frontend Logged in user data
advanced-frontend Session data cookie
G_ENABLED_IDPS Google Sign On cookie
_gat, _gid, _ga Google Analytics cookies

The User understands and accepts that the cookies used by TITANPush may be updated and as a result, vary constantly due to the Service offered. By virtue of the above, they will be updated in accordance with the availability and resources that TITANPush has.

Why does TITANPush use Cookies?

TITANPush uses cookies to understand the use of the Site and to improve the content and offers in our Service.

Cookie settings

If a User wishes to control which cookies they accept or not, the User can configure their own browser to accept all cookies or receive an alert every time a website server offers a cookie. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. The User can configure their browser option to refuse the reception of cookies and can also delete existing cookies. Please note that if the User decides to block all cookies, the Site will not work as intended and the User may not use or access many of the services we provide. If the User has blocked all cookies and wishes to make full use of the functions and services we offer, the User must enable their cookies.

The User must take into account that in case the User does not configure their browser, the User will accept the cookies provided by this Site

Instead of blocking all cookies, the User may choose to block only third-party cookies, which will allow our Site to function as intended.


In case the User has any doubt, the User can send us an email to and we will do everything possible to help him. Our goal is to respond to the User's query within five business days.