Push notifications for desktop and mobile

Recover lost visitors and take them back to the site with personalized notifications they will love.

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A digital marketing tool that is used to keep users informed of new releases, new products, special offers, promotions of all kinds

Easy to install

Just copy the code, paste it into the HTML on your page and start getting subscribers.

Friendly design

Design the subscription permission or invitation considering your business proposal, or upload your permission in HTML.

Invite and motivate your potential subscribers

To help you gather subscribers, you can send a link through social networks.

Create your best campaigns

Create your best campaigns

In each one, you must choose a name, set a message, choose an audience, and send it. You can choose to send it by device type, to a specific segment and behavior.

Stylish notifications

The main title, a secondary message or subtitle, a destination URL or LINK and an icon of our gallery. You can also upload an image you own.

Visualize the results

In the campaigns section, you will be able to visualize its status. The sending date, the bounces, the effectiveness, the opening fee, and other valuable details.

Objectives and audiences

You can create goals, and measure the conversion rate of your campaigns. Also, adjust your audiences to reach groups of people with specific behavior.

Manage your information

We have a system where you can manage your data, payments, users participating in the tool with you, and test devices.


The client visualizes a product in your online store. We save the behavior in our memory. We send the client an automatic notification reminding them to resume the purchase.

User recovery

We create automatic notifications for customers who have not visited the site in the last 10, 20, 30 or 45 days. Set up a custom recovery message!

Expand your business with tools
that add value to it

Expand your business
with tools
that add value to it