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Gather multiple links into a unique link, and use it on your social media.

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A tool that connects the audience to all of your content using a single link

Many links within a unique link

Use it as a link in your Instagram bio, and share all of your relevant social media using only one URL.

It’s suitable for every industry

You can upload payment method links, contact channels, online classes, social media, or specific sections of your site. Anything you want!

Choose a background

Choose a color or an image to personalize your site’s background.

Customize all of your content

You can set colors, fonts, and add icons. And also, choose in which order they’ll be shown.

We provide a unique link for you

Once you are through with the setup, you’ll have a unique link with your site’s name; ready to use!

Upload as any links as you want

You can upload, edit, and show as many links as you want, limitless, and completely free of charge.

You can always change your links

If you ever need to change your links, go back to TITANPush and edit them, there is no need to change the URL in your Instagram bio.

Extremely easy to use

Open up Instagram, go to “edit your Instagram profile”, paste your new URL, and done. It takes a minute to do!

Visualize the results

You can visualize the amount of clicks that each of the links got within a determined period of time.

Expand your business with tools
that add value to it

Expand your business
with tools
that add value to it