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TITANPush is a platform made up of several tools that help you sell more through your website and improve your communication with your users.

One of the main benefits of our service is that it is easy to use and intuitive. No prior technical knowledge is required, and you can use our service without any difficulties.

Our service offers a 14-day trial period with free access to 100% of the platform.

These are some of the tools that you will find on the platform:

TITANPush consists of a script (code) that can be installed in two ways: Through Google Tag Manager (GTM) or by inserting the code manually on all your site’s pages.

In addition, an app integrates TITANPush with Shopify, Tiendanube, Tray, Jumpseller and more!

Web push notifications are a communication channel that allows brands to communicate directly with their customers, easily and in real time.

This type of notification is displayed on the subscriber's device screen at any time, and without the need for the user to be browsing the web, thus generating great impact.

Most importantly, this communication channel allows you to communicate with your customers, even if they are not browsing your site, and bring them back to it.

Another benefit is the simple site user subscription. To subscribe, no data is required from the user, they simply need to accept the subscription notice requested by the browser.

No subscriber data is requested as we use the browser ID as a reference. Neither is there any risk of getting a false customer contact; the database is valid 100%!

Learn more about Push Notifications.

This is an exclusive feature for Tiendanube customers. It allows you to apply discounts in an easy, practical and strategic way to the purchases your retail or wholesale customers make.

Within the Retail module there are 4 types of promotions:

  • Shopping Cart Subtotal Discounts You can apply a fixed amount or percentage discount that is reflected in the shopping cart if the customer meets the set promotion rules by exceeding the subtotal amount you have chosen.

  • Take X, Pay Y Discount Give your customers free units after purchasing a certain amount.

  • Progressive Quantity Discount Offer percentage discounts as your customers buy more units.

  • Second Unit Discount Give your customers access to a percentage discount on the second unit of the same product or on one from the same category.

The Wholesaler module allows you to create categories of users from your Customer List in the Tiendanube Administrator. You can offer them a percentage discount based on the category where you group them.

A tool that enables you to view user product search history on the brand's site. There are two ways to display this tool on the site: as either a List or a Pop-up.

The pop-up will be displayed on the site when a user revisits, showing either their last product or last three products viewed. In this way, you lead your clients to resume their purchase intentions. Choose the style and font of the product cards or customize the tool with HTML.

The product list will be shown in the form of a card, once the user has clicked on the bubble displayed on the site.

You can select the site pages in which the product history, colors, texts and appearance of the pop-up or list will be displayed.

Learn more aboutHistory.

A tool that allows your customers to see the products most popular by other site users, and that indicates the purchasing trends.

You can set up a floating bubble template or integrate "Most Popular" as part of your site. Choose the style and font of the product cards, the site pages where the bubble will be displayed, and customize the tool using HTML.

Learn more about Most Popular.

For these tools to work correctly on your site, it is necessary to install the tags on the product pages that allow TITANPush to automatically identify which URLs correspond to a product and its components (image, title, price, etc.).

This will allow each component to be made available to customers in the corresponding section (History or Most Popular).

The most common are the Open Graph Tags that we provide below:

<meta property="og:type" content="product" />
<meta property="og:title" content="title" />
<meta property="og:image" content="<<image url>>" />
<meta property="og:price:amount" content="price" />

This feature is our product recommender, which allows you to provide website users with a list of recommended products. This list is shown in the product view, and is dynamic and personalized; that is, each customer sees a list made exclusively for them, and in each product, they view a different list. For this functionality we have developed a machine learning module that learns from user behavior and product views to put together the recommendations.

Pop-ups are windows that grab your site visitor’s attention. Whether your client is trying to leave, or taking time to browse, the tool displays a highly relevant message to direct the client to take action. You can customize your window to the maximum, defining titles, colors, adding an image, and selecting the typeface that best suits your brand.

You can choose the page of your site where you want to show the popup, and when you want it to be shown by setting days and times.

Finally, you can measure the performance of the tool from Google Analytics in addition to viewing the metrics in our main panel.

Learn more about Pop-ups.

A tool to communicate messages through custom banners in different parts of your site.

Banners can coexist on several pages at the same time displaying all kinds of messages. It is an agile and versatile tool to communicate amazing offers or display informative and relevant news to all your website visitors.

Banners can be customized to your preference: define colors, add an image and select the typeface that best suits your brand. Then, decide where and when you want it to be displayed, choosing the days and times.

Finally, view the metrics reported in our main panel or measure the impact through Google Analytics.

Learn more about Banners.

A chat bubble that allows you to show WhatsApp and Messenger channels directly on your site. Easily enable the contact channel with two platforms that your clients already use so that they can send their inquiries. You can easily register this contact channel by defining the chat bubble's position and setting up where and when you want it to be displayed, specifying the days and times!

Learn more about Chat Pop.

A customizable microsite to organize your company’s channels in one place. You can upload links to payment methods, contact channels, online courses, social networks, etc. You can also choose a background color or an image to personalize your link page.

Personalize all your content. You can define colors, fonts and add icons and choose in which order they will display. You can always change the links.

At the end of the setup, you have a unique link with the name of your site; ready to use!

Finally, view from our central panel the number of clicks that each link obtains over a given period.

Learn more about Link Page.

The trial period ends 14 days after the creation of the account. The price will always depend on the number of users reached by the website in the current month

The cost of TITANPush is based on the number of unique visits a website receives within a 30-day period. Once the 14-day trial period is over, the subscription fee will be automatically debited through the payment method registered on our platform.

To obtain a quote, please visit our plans section where you can provide an estimate of the number of users visiting your site and receive a corresponding value for each plan.

Your plan will be automatically updated according to the number of accumulated subscribers, and the previously provided payment details will be used.

Check our prices at any time, in our plans section.

Push notifications require secure connections over HTTPS. If your website does not support HTTPS, this is not a problem as notifications will be sent from a custom subdomain on TITANPush servers.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact us at and we will cancel your subscription within 48 hours.

Expand your business

with tools that add value

Push Notifications
Recover lost visitors and bring them back to the site
Show product browsing history
Most popular
Display the trending products on your site.
AI Recommendations
Show products that adapt to your customers' interests through AI.
Exit pop ups
If your client tries to leave, show them a message before they do.
Communicate attractive messages on your site, you can choose the color and typography that best suits your brand.
Chat Pop
Talk to your customers through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
Gather multiple links into one unique link and use it on all your social media.
Apply different types of promotions to the products on your site.