Web push notifications are a communication channel that allows brands to communicate with their clients of interest in a simple, direct, and real-time way.

This type of notification is displayed on the screen of the subscriber's device at any time and without the need of the user to be browsing the web, generating a great impact on the receiver.

One of the most important reasons why you should use this communication channel is that it allows you to communicate with your customers even if they are not browsing your site and bring them back to it..

Another benefit is the simple subscription of site users. To subscribe, no data will be required from the user, it will be enough to accept the subscription poster requested by the browser.

Finally, creating and sending a push notification campaign is easier and faster than an email chain.

No data is requested from the subscriber since we take the browser ID as a reference. There is no chance of getting a false contact from the customer. Work on a 100% real database!

One of the main advantages of our service is that it is very easy to use and intuitive. No prior technical knowledge is required and can be used without any problem or inconvenience.

You can start using the tool completely free of charge. Our service offers a trial period of up to 500 subscribers with free access to all of the platforms.

Segment your audience with TITANPush! You can send short and concise messages to a specific audience, based on the previous browsing behavior of users on your site.

Set up the platform to automatically send Retargeting and Winback. The first ones will remind your users of a product they have previously visited. The second will remind your brand to each user who has spent a long time without returning to the site.

Our tool allows the easy integration of two social media buttons on your site: Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. In addition to making them available as a means of contact for your clients, you can choose visibility times, visual location of the buttons, pages of the site in which it will be displayed, and you will also have the possibility of incorporating a text.

TITANPush consists of a script (code) that can be installed in two ways:

Through Google Tag Manager (GTM) or by inserting the invocation code manually on all the pages of your site.

The term of the trial period is 30 days from the account creation date.

At the end of the 30-day trial period, the subscription will be adjusted based on the number of unique users of the customer's website. This must be paid by credit card up to 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) unique users of the client's site during each month. Once the 150,000 unique users have been exceeded, it can be paid via bank transfer.

You can check out our prices at any time in our plans sections.

Your plan will be automatically updated according to the number of unique users of your website each month, and the previously uploaded payment data will be used.

You can check out our prices at any time in our plans sections.

Automatic notifications require secure connections through HTTPS. If your website doesn't support HTTPS, this is not a problem as notifications will be sent from a custom subdomain on TITANPush servers.
If you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact us at info@titanpush.com and we will cancel your subscription within 48 hours.
Send us an email to info@titanpush.com or contact us via WhatsApp or +54 9 11 6009 3012

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